Taking things easy.


Well, since we got our characters back a few days ago, we figured we’d start with something slow, so we’d find our feet again.


First things first. Our NPC’s. I love Romidiant, he saves me from things with his big stick. I neglected him for a long time, but no more! He’s gotten 2 levels in as many days (I need to re-quest the tactics pearl again) and I’m happily sat with him at 42. Needless to say he needs much more work.

Yes, he’s an Elvaan. He actually reminds me of one of my favourite manga characters now, (yeah, I’m a dork – Ichigo Kurosaki) so I’m glad I made him like he is. When him and Finny are around I have two macho Elvaan around to save me – whats not to love?


I love Besieged. Its changed a lot since I last played, I mean – Level 8? Wha? And the big Hydra guy? I felt like a tourist (look at me just stood there!), in between curing and casting raise. I do like the higher level versions though, they’re a lot of fun.

All in all, today was just a slow day for me. I sat in Whitegate and gave a few free teleports (just because I’m that happy to have my WHM back!) and generally watched the world go by. We are going to invest in the expansion pretty soon though, so no doubt that will take up a huge chunk of our time when we do get it – enjoying the laziness while I can!

I need to do some major research, since Finny wants to do endgame – after we work on our characters a little, anyway. So many things come into endgame now, and its been so long. I think things like Campaign, and exploring the ‘past’ areas are going to fill in the gaps, but seeing people talk about floors and things? Erk. Newb.


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