Back into my old WHM shoes.



Yeah – I got Xandora back. I’m really happy, she’s actually level 73 so I must have deleveled before we deleted them.. Only about 1,000 EXP off hitting 74 though.

I’ve had a few puzzled looks while making up my macro sets in Whitegate – I guess people still do remember me. I’ve had a lot of ‘Welcome Back!’ whispers from friends too, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy – we’ve been off game for 2 years after all. I still have my old Linkshell, MoogleAssassins. Its good to be back!

Whats not so nice, however, is the fact there is so much new content out. I’m going to feel like a complete newb getting my feet back again – I mean, there’s even new spells with the Expansion. I’m definitely going to be a while, getting to grips with things.

On another note, this blog is a year old! Happy Birthday, Soulvoice!

Some time later…

Well, we just got Xannie to 74 using the Field of Valor objectives, which aren’t too bad to do. We got 1k EXP from doing one in Xarcabard, synced with a long-term friend, Agimond. We didn’t want to go straight into a 74-75 party, so we switched jobs to SMN (myself) and MNK (Finny) for a little bit of fun inside Garliage Citadel. I’m so rusty! I had to rewrite all my macros and everything. A complete nightmare.

But that said… I’m so glad I got her back. My WHM gear needs a complete overhaul I think… I’ll post more on that tomorrow.

Sorry for the really fragmented post! I’ll be better tomorrow, I’m just so excited to be back on Xandora, and to have recovered her data. For a while there I thought she’d be gone forever!


2 Responses to “Back into my old WHM shoes.”

  1. Jowah Says:

    Gratz :>
    Now enjoy again being high level~

  2. Xandora Says:

    Hehe, thank you. Its a change, I tell you. :).
    Hope everything okay for you, Jowy! ❤

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