Hey, Squeenix?


Make a girl happy with that Campaign thing you run, yeah? She knows thatxandora her registration codes are long gone, but all the other information…

*Squeezes eyes closed and crosses fingers*

You’d make a 74 WHM very, very happy indeed.


Depending on the outcome, I’ll be back on Phoenix and back on my old character, Xandora. I’ll change the blog to reflect that – sorry I haven’t posted in a while, RL has been very, very hectic. The Return to Vana’diel Campaign caught my partners eye, and since he’s already back on Findecano (Phoenix) I’d really love to get his partner in crime back in action!


One Response to “Hey, Squeenix?”

  1. Jowah Says:

    Hope you get your old cutie back ;3 Shoulnd’t be a problem really!
    And, love that hume skin, so cuteeeee 😀

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