If I’m not back…


In 3 days…

Send a search party to the Maze of Shakhrami! Yes, its RSE time again (for Mithra, in a few hours…) and we have a date with a few mobs in the maze.

lolchestYup. We did try do it in Ordelles Caves on the 26th of December, but thanks to a Stroper Chyme that Rinion took a fancy to, it was pretty short lived. Its really hard to actually kill the keydroppers, since I have to be on WHM in order to sneak myself, but we’re managing. As long as we don’t get a link, we’ll survive.

I hope.

I can’t wait to get the RSE done, so I can move on with leveling… I hate being at a stand still, especially at a level like 34. /Huff.


One Response to “If I’m not back…”

  1. Jowah Says:

    You are not back! /scared x.x;

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