Jingle bells, jingle bells…


Where is the Moogle home town? Because Mogbert, my dearest Moogle has gone on a holiday there to watch Papa Moogle in an archery contest.

No lie.

We hit 32 – nearly 33 on Bard and Thief thanks to a fantastic party in the jungles, which we tore through the Mandragora’s and Goblins pretty smoothly, so as soon as I get my kitty paws on some RSE we can get a few more levels! I don’t fancy leveling much higher in my level 23 doublet set…

Well, we managed to get the following items from the christmas event;

  • Dream Hat +1
  • Dream Robe +1
  • Dream Bell +1
  • Dream Boots +1
  • Dream Coffer
  • Dream Stocking
  • Dream Platter

And it was quite a lot of fun! Granted, it took me countless gift-giving runs to get my Dream Coffer, but we managed it in the end. The hardest part was getting the will to retry the gift giving, I must say. The same circuit of San d’Oria is probably worn down after Nelle running around it constantly…

I also made a linkshell for me and Rinion, which is rather aptly named Teddybears.


One Response to “Jingle bells, jingle bells…”

  1. Maiev Says:

    Hay Rinion & Nelle =) Merry Christmas and have a great holiday =)
    *disappears again, the blog troll* =)

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