Rinion 2, Gusgen Mines 0!


Well, after Nelle logged off and went to bed last night I stayed up a little bit longer to test my luck with thief’s tools! And wow! They worked!

I bought 2 stacks of Silent Oil and headed back to Gusgen Mines with the Thief’s Tools in my pocket, found one chest and opened it, unfortunatly it weakened me so I waited it out! Luckily it wasn’t a long wait! About 20 mins or so, next chest I found I opened it and got my magical pattern… had to blood warp back to Jeuno as I forgot a warp scroll …. So I got a teleport-dem, with a warp scroll and headed back to gusgen! Found another chest and got weakened again! for an HOUR! Luckily, nothing aggroed me when it wore. Finding the last chest my tools failed twice, but I got it!

So two bits of RSE! GO ME! No more farming keys for myself.


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