Necklaces, and more necklaces.


~150 handed in so far.

I hope to actually get the quest for Utsusemi later on tonight, and then finally be able to do my RSE quests. I want to level my BRD!

List of things to do, as soon as possible;

  • Attain an NPC (40)
  • Complete Rank Missions for Airship
  • RSE Equipment Quests
  • Farm Gil
  • Spells/Songs/Ninja Tool funding for leveling
  • AF1 Quests
  • Reach 40

Not that hard, right?


One Response to “Necklaces, and more necklaces.”

  1. Jowah Says:

    God…….i still remember when i had to farm necklaces for fame to quest utsu and mostly get Leviathan access D: still hurts!

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