Fields of Valor = Win


Even though the blog has been a little neglected, I can safely say that both BRD and THF have hit 30. We actually got our levels duoing the Fields of Valor events spread through the old areas of Vana’diel these days. They’re a bit grindy, but its easy enough doing it between us.

Nelle got her Bounding Boots also, I’d been camping Lizzie while Rinion was out at work with no luck. He camped her once with me, and voila. Boots. He must be a drop magnet, there is no other explanation. Beastmasters hit 20, which means we can go play with the BCNM’s once we get some gil under our belts! Getting BST to 20 wasn’t so bad, I had it in my head as it being much, much more of a grind…

The sale prices for the following items have been changed:
Black Ink / Bugard Skin / H. Q. Bugard Skin / Orc Piercer / Yagudo Freezer / Shellbuster / Leech Saliva / Bird Blood / Beast Blood

The update has been a bit tricky. We made a chunk of our gil farming the Bird Blood from leeches (especially in Bubimuru when we were farming our Carbuncle Rubies) and selling them to vendors. The update means thats pretty much fizzled… Oh well. Back to farming stacks again!

Since were currently killing billions of Yagudo in Giddeus anyway, it won’t be so bad… Yes, Nelle is farming for her Utsusemi. I have around 100 necklaces handed in so far, so I still have a while to go..

A few site changes have been done too, I’ll add them under a cut as not to bore people too much.

  • Header changed to something seasonal
  • Navigation being added in the near future to videos, graphics, info and guides
  • A link added to Moonfire, the sister-blog to Soulvoice.
  • Theme/template changed
  • Colour scheme changed

I couldn’t log in for a while due to an error in my e-mail, so I’m sorry for neglecting Soulvoice. The error has been rectified, so lets hope my e-mail stays good from now on.


One Response to “Fields of Valor = Win”

  1. Jowah Says:

    Omg she lives! Nice season-themed layout :3
    Sorry for your money source getting “killed” , but the other stuff of update are awesome ._.!!

    You kitty need to post moar k ? :3

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