Trick or Treat?


Huge picture post today;

Our new items – the Eerie Cloak +1, gotten from kicking Pyracmon and his little batty friends’ butt. Talk to the Moogle outside the city of your choice, he/she’ll tell you to go kill some bats. Do so for a short while – me and Rin killed around 15-20. Then, go back to the Moogle and let ’em know your read to take on Pyracmon! Then, of course, go kill him. For the +1, kill Pyracmon twice while still under the same light damage+ effect as before – although this can vary, that worked for us. Rin also got the killing blow, if that helps.

That was a fun event, especially since the bats could get one shotted and everyone was going after them – luckily me and Rinion managed to do pretty well and soon snagged ourselves a few stable belts and the awesome looking cloak.

The Coven Hats were a bit more tricky, since you couldn’t be seen by the witches. Just follow them around after talking to your cities resident witch hunter – don’t let them see you! They kept spotting me… By hardest was the Pitchfork +1. Dressing in a certain costume combination and going under a random decoration? Argh! For the +1, you had to go under the decorations in a different city, but with a matching costume.

There was one, huge, amazing, wonderful plus side to that though…


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with Goblins… So this was a big treat for me. I was a very happy kitty.


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