Well, Nelle and Rinion the BST’s were in play for a little while this evening. Rinion didn’t take much convincing to come back into the game, and we decided that before we moved forward with BRD and THF we’d work on our gil situation a little bit. Since.. Well, we have none.

BST means we can have some cutesy time together, taking in the sights and slaughtering/charming any random creature we find. I was playing around on my own BST last night, so at the moment its a case of watching Rin till he catches up to Nelle – a mighty level 5. At least I have the /WHM sub!

Once these get to 20, we can do Wings of Fury BCNM – not much gil in it now, but something we can do as a team and share the spoils of without worrying too much. We managed on our old characters, it’d be fun to do it on these two too. BCNM wise I’m pretty amateur – I did the Shooting Fish one plenty times as a SMN, and Wings of Fury… Not too many more. I do remember one heartbreaking moment doing one with Scorpions in – it was a pretty tough one to do as a WHM with the setup we had, and I HAD to go out of the zone on my orb. Oh. Balls…

Lesson learned: O.


One Response to “Beastmaster!”

  1. Jynx Says:

    Gotta love BCNM’s I’m slowly just saving up my seals until I’m drowning in them.

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