Crimson ambitions? Or BST pride?


Since Rinion will be off FFXI for a while, I’ve decided to put BRD to one side and pick it up when he comes back. I’m heading back to San d’Oria at the moment to pick up RDM – I’ll play around on RDM/WHM until he comes back. Or possibly BST/WHM. Luckily I can put most of my BRD things in storage, so they wont go to waste – I remember camping them!

So bye-bye to BRDy Nelle for a while – she’ll be back! I’m leaning towards BST/WHM more than RDM at the moment – especially since it means I can level solo. I’m pretty shy when it comes to LFGing, so its probably a better option. And my CHR+ gear wont go to waste. Hurray!

Also, blog wise I’ve changed the header a little. Rinion has since changed his .DAT, so it was a little outdated. That, and the art has done needed a nice showing. Yes, That is Purgonorgo Isle. It has a sentimental meaning to me and Rinion, as we used to clam there while hitting on each other years ago. No, really.

That a polearm in your pocket, or you just happy to see me?”

I kid you not. Hey, he was a DRG and I was an innocent WHM. What can I say? We had an ongoing thing where we had to try beat each other with cheesy FFXI related chat up lines. You know the ones. Filled with innuendo and plenty of ‘;-)’. Needless to say, I won that day.

Link to Playonline

How amazing does the art look for the Harvest Festival? Its all very Nightmare Before Christmas-esque, and I love it! Click the image above for the full image, of course – I had to pick out the bits I like best since it wouldn’t all fit in the banner. As for the event itself – I can’t wait! I hope I can drag Rinion online in time to do it with me, but even if not the cities will be bubbling with Harvest Festival ghouls – I love it!

Apart from when I get changed into Orcs, Yagudo or Quadav. Then I feel pretty poo since I spend my FFXI life running around kicking the butts of these guys… Goblins I can handle. I make a pretty awesome Goblin. Nelleblix.


One Response to “Crimson ambitions? Or BST pride?”

  1. Rinion Says:

    I guess i’ll come on just for the event haha

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