More jungle lovin’


Hurray! One more level until Rinion can pick up his THF again, which he’s really looking forward to. Once we hit 30, we’ll probably be farming again since we’ll need to get some gil together for upgrades and songs.

I usually dislike the jungles, so its been surprising to  me to actually sit back and enjoy them. We’ve met a few people who we’ve partied with on a few occasions now so we actually are meeting friends which is great fun! We’ll probably try for 30 tomorrow, and do some farming afterwards in Giddeus. That, and maybe the SMN quest… And BLU… And COR… Eek!

And now I think about it, we’ll probably need AU access first. Heh. Busy-kitty.


One Response to “More jungle lovin’”

  1. Julie Kentwood Says:

    i like the blog. I’m not too good at gaming though

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