A new kind of class.


On her arrival back to Vana’diel, Nelle had a wonderful present waiting for her. A new item for her Mog House, the Harpsichord. Its so lovely, it makes my Mog House feel more classy, its awesome. I didn’t get a chance to have a proper run around on game since I hopped on when I finished work, but I managed to check my marbles (loser!) and grab my present. I hope to spend mor eon the game in the coming few days, I really want to hear the Harpsichord playing and I want to farm up some gil so I can level my Bard!

I did get all my Mithra love back, and I will log on and level her up! I will I will I will! I’ll drag Rinion on by his ears and make him come group with me!


4 Responses to “A new kind of class.”

  1. Rinion Says:

    Oh you will, will you? That looks funky – you need to invited me to you Moghouse! <3. (for sexi tiem too! :O) lolz

    Yeah yeah, i’ll come back too babe.

  2. Nelle Says:

    Ofc you dork. I know you fancy my tail.


  3. Nelle Says:

    Yes, yes you should! *purr*

  4. Jowah Says:

    Hey wish i could come too 😦

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