On the way back!


The update will be done tonight while I’m at work; Nelle is on the way with her Piano Collection code so get read for an influx of screen shots and other tasty things!


4 Responses to “On the way back!”

  1. Jowah Says:

    Cant wait to read a new update of yours~

  2. Nelle Says:

    Its coming its coming. :-P.

    Been a hella long time in coming, but we’ll leave that be… 😉 x

  3. shi Says:

    Glad to see you back in action! I like reading your stuff, and I was starting to wonder why you’re not updating anymore. ^^

  4. Nelle Says:

    I got caught up in raiding on Warcraft, but since Rinion has Age of Conan to help him along between raids, I figured I should come back to XI… I’m so glad I did, I missed it so much!

    I have SO many blogs to catch up on though, barely found my way through yours, Shi-babe!

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