Qufim adventures.


I saw something today I haven’t actually seen before. Qufim Island light weather. It was really pretty, I was transfixed until one of those Goblin Robo-cop things decided to look my way. I managed to get loads of screenshots though, before I was hunted down.

Not a long entry today; its a raid weekend on thatothergameweplay/warcraft, but expect some small updates over the weekend and we’ll get back on the leveling track next week.

Oh, and a small bit of news – we unlocked Beastmaster. Another fun job for us to duo, methinks! The quest is much harder at 30 now than it ever was. In my opinion anyway. Not only do you have to contend with the Kraken, you have to contend with those awful little anti-fishbot/anti-player Goblins. VT-T-IT things. They hate me. Trying to complete the silly quest took 2 nights, and a level 45 RDM from our LS who came out to help us. I still died 3 times! Those Goblins homed in on me. No fair – I have a Goblin plush, I love the little guys.

Stop Mithra Mauling by Goblins!

Edit: Yeah, I updated the header. I can’t sleep! So I figured staring at some Elvaan torso till I get the real deal this weekend would sweeten the deal. Yes, I installed the cheesy dat… Shh. (Thank you FFXIdats.com!)


4 Responses to “Qufim adventures.”

  1. Rinion Says:

    Header looks great bby – you did well <3. Damn them goblins! BUT atleast we now have BST ;D

  2. Jowah Says:

    Omg hot header :3

  3. Maifun Says:

    Your new header looks awesome! ^_^ Love your blog, finally someone who’s keeping track of the beginnings of ffxi, thats much ahrder than anything endgame :p Keep up the good work!

  4. Nelle Says:

    Thank you for the header comments! :-). Rin likes it, although I think its just because he looks uber-buff on it… 😉

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