Dragon slayers.


We got bored of being Rank 2. So, we went to go play with the Dragon. Noone else was on at the time unfortunately, so we went in there and decided to have a little fun – we came out with something to smile about. It might not be a big thing, but it gave us confidence!

We did the 2-3 Dragon as BRD and NIN 25. And it was great fun. I kept the Dragon asleep while Rinion kept at Searcher, and when we both got onto the Dragon I slept it while he recast shadows if it knocked him around a little too hard. Doesn’t sound too exciting, but we had loads of fun doing it.

Our first BCNM is out of the way. It felt good to get it done, and even better that we actually did it between us!


3 Responses to “Dragon slayers.”

  1. Rinion Says:

    Woo, not to mention that I got cursed to 91 HP, then is hit me taking me down to 12 HP! Good time in curing!

  2. maifun Says:

    Congrats~ It’s nice how you collect your stuff all alone. I mean not just buying from auction house. That’s kewl :3

  3. Nelle Says:

    Thank you! :3

    Yeah, we try collect as much as we can from the game itself than paying a player to do it. Thats for the higher levels. :).

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