Utsusemi: Ichi! Hurray!


(Post made by Rinion)

Finally! After 208 Yagudo Necklaces, 12 Zinc Ore and the Tonko: Ichi quest, I have obtained Utsusemi: Ichi! Thats everything sorted for me to level Ninja -danceydancey-.

Last on my list is Gassan but thats easy to get, which I won’t need till 15 anyway!


4 Responses to “Utsusemi: Ichi! Hurray!”

  1. Nelle Says:

    Wahooo! ❤

    Nothing’s holding us back bby~!

  2. Rinion Says:

    Thank you sexy lady!


  3. jowah Says:

    Gratz! I remember ichi being a pain in the ass to get, with fame end everything.~

  4. Rinion Says:

    Haha to be honest it wasn’t that hard getting the fame 🙂

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