Adventurer Appreciation Campaign!


And something we have been oogling for a long long time-

Edit :: I just noticed Rinion has really driven me into the ground Monsters Killed wise. Why? Who did lots of camping…? Rinny did. I’m still really thankful for that, so much love to Rin. Here’s to posting next years statistics, huh?


6 Responses to “Adventurer Appreciation Campaign!”

  1. Nelle Says:

    Rin > Me, it seems.


  2. Rinion Says:

    Yeah well I own you no matter what, nub 😀

  3. Rinion Says:

    Cause I r teh law giver!

  4. Rinion Says:

    GTFO! I pwn, you don’t! So… yeah!

  5. jowah Says:

    Omg, sweet nubs ❤

  6. Adventurer Appreciation Campaign 2009 « soul★voice Says:

    […] Adventurer Appreciation Campaign 2009 By Xandora Its that time of year again – the last time I did this, I was on Nelle. […]

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