Rin’s got a hairpin!


1/3 on Valkurm Emperor.


3 Responses to “Rin’s got a hairpin!”

  1. Rinion Says:

    Not bad two bits of gear sorted in a night! A very big thanks to Desa for the help! Couldn’t of done it without him due to the fact I drank mary’s milk which put me t sleep >.<;

  2. Alinys Says:

    Zomg womanz. I had a dream you took me NM camping in the d00nz and that a giant carrot spawned. >.> Worse still, it was called Zegham Carrot and had lots of baby carrots around it. >.>

  3. jowah Says:

    You two hax alot D:!
    Glad to see both of you goth such awesome items. FTW!

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