Oh my GOD.


Thats some necklace! 1/1 on Hoo Mjuu!


6 Responses to “Oh my GOD.”

  1. Rinion Says:

    BWAHAHAHAHA! My Uber 1337 treasure hunter! RIN FOR THE WIN!

  2. Rinion Says:


  3. Rinion Says:

    Now my TH will epic phail on LL and VE ; ; Whut?

    Mary is next BWAHAHAHA!

  4. Etain Says:


  5. jowah Says:

    I went 1/3 >.<;; Oh well!

  6. Alinys Says:

    Well played. ^^ 1/4 on Zealot’s Mitts, but 0/4 on Monster Signa, but you’ve got it now so no real reason for me to camp it any more. xD

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