Yay Rinion!


1/5 on Leaping Lizzy!


5 Responses to “Yay Rinion!”

  1. Rinion Says:

    WHUT!? Whos the best! lol.

    Now another pair for you >.<

  2. Alinys Says:

    Congrats! We need to get a pair for Trisk, and they’ll do him til AF or later apparently. ❤ Hurrah!

  3. jowah Says:

    Gratz! 😀 Leaping lizzy never put out for me 😦

  4. Etain Says:

    How does one get a purty picture next to their name on comments? ;-;

  5. Nelle Says:

    I think its a setting somewhere, Etain. :). Try clicking your name (this is if your signed up for wordpress, which I’m sure you are) near the logout button. Should give you the option about an avatar.

    Sorry if it doesn’t help, I’m not too good at explaining things. /stagger

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