Ding ding!



The ‘Aspiring Bardlet’ is now a ‘Bardlet’!

Nelle and Rinion hit 30 after a long night/early morning of partying on Friday. It was really intense but we got through it with -no- deaths what so ever. It was actually kind of fun getting into the swing of things again. Since our friends are moving servers this week, my BRD is sat at level 6 with Rinions NIN since we’re farming Yagudo Necklaces for him at the moment. His fame is pretty dire so we’ll probably spent the rest of tonight doing that for him in Giddeus. I’m following him around picking up the beehive chips and the honey so his inventory is even more empty. Not the most fun thing in the world, but as long as it progresses him I don’t really mind! Its probably a good thing I’m a WHM also, I can sit and cure him too.

On our way into Windurst, we managed to snag Sharp Eared Ropipi for my BRD. Its a start, and I can’t wait till we actually get into the swing of things and I’m able to wear it. Hopefully it won’t be too long, since they are due to transfer this week.

The blog might get a little more lively!


One Response to “Ding ding!”

  1. jowah Says:

    Finally! And gratz for the ribbon o.o!
    Now you should force someone camping noble mold for you, in order to be the most hawt and hax low lvl brd! heheheh…

    Now go! to 75!

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