Lame title, I know – but I’m a bleach geek. Go figure! Over the weekend, there has been life on Nelle and Rinion, honest! Were nearly level 27 now and aim for 30 over the weekend (but how many times have you heard that one – I know your thinking it!) but in all seriousness we should be dinging 30 very soon. We’ve picked up a semi static to level with after 12am till 2ish, minimal EXP but still something and the people are really awesome.

For fun tonight, me and Rinion (after getting 3.4k~ into 26) went to go beat up some strange Armor to rob them of malice. Fun! Though, it was very very irritating. People kept moving them and running off with them… Though we managed to get some and ended up with a cute wooden sword. Now I can run around and bankai to my hearts content much to poor Rinions annoyance!

We’ve been talking about what we are going to do while the static isn’t partying together… Like off weekends where Trisk and Al are with each other and when I’m spending time with Rinion. Me and Rin are going to duo some dancers! Its going to be fun, from what we’ve seen, DNC can be very versatile, and the AF is just… Well. Rinion won’t be able to take his off, lets put it that way. I’ll glue it on!


5 Responses to “Bankai!”

  1. jowah Says:

    In years of playing I’ve never done this event, probably won’t do as well this time D:
    I’m soooooo lazeh lulz

  2. Rinion Says:

    Rarr, Bankai! Maybe try beat some senseless again later tonight XD or before you go to work ^^

  3. Alinys Says:

    Ooh semi-static eh? Hope that’s fun. .>

  4. Alinys Says:

    Harsh, it completely deleted the rest of my comment. T___T that was a ❤ and there was lots about the event but I’ve lost the will to retype it because WordPress is mean. ;~;

  5. The Feast of Swords draws nigh! « soul★voice Says:

    […] The Feast of Swords was something I blogged about last year, so doing it this year and on Xandora should be fun. If I get the sword, it means I can run around and look like my NPC! […]

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