Up, up and away!


Boring entry, no pictures! (I’m sorry; I did get one of Nelle dancing happily but… Gee. When your a second too late, it really gives the poses different meanings…)

Nelle and Rinion hit 24! Finally a little progress which feels fantastic after having lurked at 22 for so long waiting for a certain THF to get his Elvaan bum into gear. The rate we levelled tonight, 30 isn’t too far off (beyond this weekend, since a certain Mithra is 21on friday and has to celebrate) so maybe next week. I’m really excited, I’ve waited for BRD forever! Only 6 levels till I actually get it, which makes me really happy. In other news, I got the Raise scroll! We sold Beehive Chips and Honey we got after trying for Stinging Sophie and somehow managed to grab it. 25 here I come~

As it turns out, we ended up levelling in Lower Delkfutt’s to 23, and moving outside to the Pugils till we were 1k into 24. Not that exciting, but its good news none the less, especially since it was a really awesome party with some of the Linkshell members (someone took a shine to Rinion and invited us both to an LS!).

Something for me to keep an eye on over the next coming weeks, a list of NM’s me and our static party will hopefully be hitting up. You can tell how excited I’m getting about the static too; trying to get things in order for them to arrive. If I could get a little ‘Welcome to Fenrir!’ banner on-game I would.


  • Travelers Mantle, Spook.
  • Bounding Boots, Leaping Lizzy.
  • Empress Hairpin, Valkurm Emperor.


  • Monster Signa, Hoo Mjuu the Torrent.
  • Mary’s Horn, Stray Mary.

Al, Trisk, leave me a comment with which NM’s/items you need? That way I can shove it all onto a page and give you guys the link. These NM’s aren’t vital, but the items they drop would really be nice. I’ll only be camping the dweeb’s that drop the items I want in spare time on-game, so its not too bad. I know the drop rates on the Signa and the Horn!


One Response to “Up, up and away!”

  1. Etain Says:

    Monster Signa is not worth the frustration of camping him, nor is it worth the price tag. And I’m speaking as someone who spent 2 months of her life back when I was in the ~30’s on BRD camping it, for nothing but wasted time and a bunch of zealott’s mitts. Save your gil and buy a Chanter’s Staff when you hit 40 BRD- it is far more worth it and regardless, both staves will be nullified at 51 when Elemental Staves become available to you.

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