Jungle lovin’?


As I write this entry, myself and Rinion are waiting on a SAM to join us before we start partying in the Jungle. At 22. I am a little nervous, especially since my WHM gear isn’t the best, but all I can do is hope and remember what skills I had before, right? Well here’s hoping. Especially since I’m not that far off BRD now, and our friends are transferring over here in not-so-long… The main thing getting my tail in a twist is gil. Raise is 8k! I’ll have to work my kitty butt off at 25 for it.

Edit: My net went down as I was writing – no party, and a late post. Argh! If the people who we were grouped with read this, I’m really sorry! Rinion was on our spare computer and **pow** net died. I feel terrible!


4 Responses to “Jungle lovin’?”

  1. Alinys Says:


    Saaad. Internet is fail. ;-;

  2. Jowah Says:

    FACT: No one cares about people gear and such before 37, my rdm almost 24 plays with full wedding dress and only a weapon!

  3. Alinys Says:

    I got bitched at for being 21 with Lizard gear on. ;~; Apparently some people are just arseholes. Considering he was a level 22 WHM wearing level 12 kit I don’t think he was much better, whether he was in frontline combat or not. xD

  4. aramina Says:

    Mandies hit like sissies, so as long as you can stay out of range of Dream Flower, you can almost main heal with Regen and occasional Cures. They are also fairly easy to paralyze and slow, but at 22, you might get more resists. Even then, if your enfeebling is capped for level, you should land it sometimes, by 24, most of the time.

    As far as gear, trust me, if you’ve read any of my history posts, you know I was rocking Doublet set with Saintly Rings until 23, then Cotton Doublet until Seers (NQ), then mix of Seers and RSE. I didn’t really have decent gear until WHM60 or so, and that’s because AF is great and I had good luck on a few BCNM.

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