Ghelsba was the easiest! I was expecting much madness in this place, but although the second key took around 45 minutes to drop it went rather well. I died once, and was raised by a wonderful Tarutaru who I owe a ride back from Jeuno to – thank you! Though its worth mentioning I died saving Rinion while he zoned… But none the less, it was nice to see the three keys in our bags ready for Jeuno!

So, here we are in San d’Oria once more, as Rin levels his WAR to sub for his THF I stand fishing my little kitty butt off hoping to get some skillups and some decent gil from the Moat Carp. As long as I get 2-3 stacks before we log off for tonight I’ll be happy. Fishing skill isn’t something I levelled much on my old character, so it feels good to do something thats at least a little new.

And finally, something really cute I’ve wanted to add into my Mog House for a while, but haven’t been in San d’Oria to be able to;

(left; Bonbori, right; Festival Dolls)


2 Responses to “Hurray!”

  1. Alinys Says:

    Congrats sweets~ -huggles-

    I’m sorry you had to die. At least you can go hunting in Yuhtunga/Yhoator now! n.n

    And I’m so jealous, I got the Bonbori in my Mog House but the Festival Dolls wouldn’t place for some odd reason. I don’t know what it was o.O So I just discarded them. I want them back ;-;

  2. aramina Says:


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