2 down, one to go.


Well, today was a 6 hour fest of working on getting keys for Kazham. We worked on Giddeus a while, until a 30 THF/WHM, Charna who was farming gave us a hand. All three of us got a key, which is awesome. We managed to take a few Yagudo down on our own, but Charna helped loads – I’m just happy she got a key too. It didn’t take too long, either.

The real killer was Palborough Mines. Yeesh! We had a THF named Astria helping us in here; and it took at least 2 hours. Then both our keys dropped one after another – go figure. Its a shame that with travelling and such we didn’t manage to get the Ghelsba chest key, but thats on the agenda for tomorrow. Rinion is swapping his RDM for his THF, so while he levels that Nelle will be fishing for some gil – I need to level fishing, anway…


4 Responses to “2 down, one to go.”

  1. Alinys Says:

    Congrats! Giddeus took the longest for us. Palborough was…ok. But Ghelsba was just a mess because there were so many spawns xD

  2. Nelle Says:

    Don’t say that, thats where were going tonight. xD

  3. Alinys Says:

    Hey you’re on a new server, perhaps it’ll be different ;D

  4. Nelle Says:

    Here’s hoping!

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