New hope?


Well, I transferred today! Thats right, I’m officially housed on Fenrir. £14 well spent? I hope so, I can’t wait to catch up and play with the rest of our static party! I’m excited for that, we’re hoping to get 30 sometime this weekend since we have loads of time to do it. Its a case of ‘sit down, shut up, play’ till 30.

The only downside?

She’s not Kahlan anymore. The name was taken, so I had to change it – luckily I had expected this, and had a list. Kally, is now Nelle. But she’s sat on Fenrir waiting for me to log my lazy butt on and do some fishing after work, so we have at least some income after the transfer. Rinny should be changing later, so that will be both of us sorted.

Also, thank you everyone for all the advice in the last post! The reason we’re taking our subs to 30, then onward, is simply to break things up at level 60. 60 is a nice break so we can make sure we’re all funded for 60 –> 75, and to make sure we’ve got all the quests we need/rank missions we can do out of the way. I don’t want to take BRD to 75 in one fell swoop, thats what I did with my WHM a long time ago (though it only got to 74 before being deleted) and I hated the job by 74.

So, since I already missed goals by not getting to 30 before the transfer, I’ll make some weekend goals!

  • To get Kazham keys, regardless of how long it takes. Since most people go to Kazham at 22-23 now, and not 25 like we used to!
  • To reach level 30, and take a deep breath for a while.
  • Unlock BRD, and another job Rin was interested in.
  • Level BRD a little, while remembering to run round the world and get spells.
  • Fish a little, to get gil, for spells… Or at least do some farming!
  • Possibly a rank mission?

I’m going to have a very busy weekend, methinks. From what I understand, the static has changed a little since Al wants to take up PLD (which Rin was dicing with anyway – I think he’s staying RDM now!) so we’ll have a solid tank, me as BRD, Rin as RDM (I think) and Trisk as SAM or DRK. And the 5th member, but I’m not sure when he’s transferring over. Can’t wait~!

Edit: Rinion is on Fenrir! That hobag didn’t need to change his name, either!


8 Responses to “New hope?”

  1. Nelle Says:

    Neil’s nickname is Nelly. This is going to get very, very confusing. xD. I can handle it though. All the cool people get called Nelly. /hurrah

    Is this where I put a plaster on my face and start rappin’ ‘its hot in herrre’ – I hope not! Is he wanting to static? I don’t wanna hold anyone back, you guys go ahead if you wanna!

  2. Nelle Says:

    Ohhh I see! Thats not good! Unless he wanted to get to 20 for the avatar battles I suppose? I dunno!

    I don’t mind people levelling subs and stuff, means I can try make some money for my songs and crap. x_x

  3. Alinys Says:

    Yeah I don’t know what’s going on with him. He was bored because we didn’t play literally 24/7, and now he’s lonely…but he’s still playing 24/7 xD

    Well that sounds good ❤ I’ll keep that in mind ^^

  4. Nelle Says:

    Ah, I see.

    Well *hopefully* my hours will be changed soon, although, if not I’ll be looking for a new job. :[. It’ll be fun levelling with you guys, and I can’t wait! 30 this weekend by any means, so watch this space. ❤

    Anyway, better get going to the hellhole. Speak to you sometime this weekend, sugar.

  5. Alinys Says:

    I hope you get new hours :[ If not I’m sure you’ll sort something out! Will keep my eye on your blog as always ;D HAIR GOING DARK REDDY BLACKY THIS WEEKEND o:

    Anyway. Hope you have an okay night sweets T__T ❤

  6. aramina Says:

    Almost all songs that you’ll need for a long time can be NPC bought way cheaper than what you’d pay at the AH, but there’s definitely a lot of globe-trotting involved if you want to get them all. I used mules and linkshell friends to get most of the scattered ones, and they are so cheap, most people never wanted gil for them. Also, when people want to give me things, I always liked spells/songs for presents. Then it’s something that I know I’ll always have. My Sword Madrigal was given to me by friend Rinny back on Hydra, and she went to Odin, then left to another server later on, but I’ll always have the song. Same thing on WHM, when Raise II was 500k, I got 350k for a Tele-Vahzl from a nice stranger, and I’ll always remember the guy. He helped me with G2 a week later, too ^^

    Some of the songs that are drops only, you’ll literally never use (e.g. – Shining Fantasia). As far as the ones you really don’t want to miss for a while, any Minuet, Madrigal, March, Paeon, Ballad, Elegy, Finale, Requiem. Minne and Mambo are still useful in parties, but you will rarely use them while EXPing.

    Carnage Elegy (59) can be a pain if you choose to farm it, so definitely bring a THF with you. There are only 5 or 6 Chanters in Castle Oztroja, and links are almost a given.

    It sounds like your static is shaping up to be in a lot of ways similar to the one I ended up with on BRD.

  7. Nelle Says:

    I remember way back on my old account, I started either just before or just after christmas; a random guy gave me 80k (a lot for a nub like myself) and said ‘Happy Christmas!’. I’ve always remembered that, and not just because of the money – I gave it to the ‘friend’ I was playing with, and don’t know what happened to it. She did buy me some equipment, so probably on that.

    Random acts of kindness like that set FFXI apart from WoW to be fair, and as a player of both games I prefer the attitude and community on FFXI. I like WoW too much to give up right now, though. :3. ❤

  8. aramina Says:

    Yeah, one of the tips I always give poor WHMs that tele-whore for income is that it is never a bad idea to chat up the people you transport while you wait to lift off.

    Pete was WHM75 himself with 4 other 75 jobs, and to him, 350k was a drop in the bucket, and while it didn’t give me enough to buy it outright, it got me close enough to not be so hopeless of having to teleport 500k worth of people. Anjia also gave me a large sum for a teleport to help with Reraise II (was like 400k at the time). This was back in the 10M for a Noble’s Tunic, 3M+ for a Scorpion Harness days.

    I don’t even know how many times I’ve helped out some nooblets and either bought them gear, given them a set that I had on a mule for low jobs, or just given them some cash. I even made one guy a full set of signed Seer’s gear and took him to get Mycophile Cuffs, too.

    While I have plenty of stuff that I want that I need TONS of gil for, I get so much enjoyment from helping other people that it’s worth it for me. If I didn’t spend so much time mentoring people, helping people with quests and missions, and spending money on people, I’d probably have at least half of the insane gear on my “goals” page, but alas, that’s not how it works 😀

    I mean,giving someone 25-50k to get on their feet isn’t killing me, but it does add up over a few years. I just gave an old friend 300k of “get back on your feet” cash, which is a lot compared to what I have in my account, but I’m glad he accepted it. Now to talk him into me camping a Joyeuse with him so he can have some shinyz!

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