Slow progress!


Kahlan and Rinion are making slow progress, but its there – we hit 21 on Monday, before my internet cut out. We’ve managed to get a little gil together to cover our spells, so we should be making some better progress on Friday! Regen is a god send as a WHM, so it will make things much easier in the final slog to 30.

Also, quite by accident, I managed to initiate the first cut scene of the expansion. I saved some screenshots, so don’t look if you’ve not seen it, but most people have.

The move to Fenrir is this month (hopefully – sure I’ve played for 90 days by now!), as well as my 21st birthday. Should be a fun month!

April targets;
~ Unlock BRD before server transfer
~ Raise a Chocobo
~ Raise Cooking skill so I can make juices for BRD experience party
~ Decide between Clothcraft and Cooking as main trade

A few, so it’ll be hard to keep on top of them. I’m leaning towards Cooking as a profession, since I can make my own juices and foods for me and Rinion no problem, that way. Clothcraft is all well and good, but it wont really provide any real benefits for us until its a very high level, and by that time we’ll probably have saved and bought the item.


7 Responses to “Slow progress!”

  1. Etain Says:

    Just some advice- if you’re planning on leveling BRD to 75, don’t stop leveling WHM at 30 and jump into it. Suck it up and take it to 37 before you even touch BRD (well, you can unlock it at least XD) so when it’s done, you can 100% focus on leveling BRD and not have to worry about stopping and leveling a subjob along the way. I wish I would have done that with my THF when I was leveling it… stupid WAR subjob… ;D

  2. aramina Says:

    hey there!

    Lol at the CoP first cutscene. I think 90-95% of all players got it by accident while running for their lives. I’ve done it three times, all under the same circumstances.

    I originally wanted to be BRD/WHM main, but I really fell in love with WHM while I was leveling it and my Ballad-less BRD was parked at 25.

    I have both at 75 now, and I have some BRD guide type stuff posted on my blog, so feel free to hit me up with any questions. If you somehow end up on Odin, give me a buzz sometime. Otherwise, g’luck on Fenrir. Added you to my blogroll, as I see I’m on yours ^^

    Best of luck with your goals!

    p.s. – Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that you NEED a Monster Signa. It’s nice to have, but lots of Bards find a way to live without it absolutely fine.

  3. Alinys Says:

    Oooh, yay. I think Eclips wandered into that cut-scene as well. I still haven’t found it – is it in the tower in Qufim? o.o -is confused-

    I’ve taken Cooking as a main profession, but I kinda want to level up Alchemy to help with NIN tools. Shouldn’t be too hard, and I have a mule for that anyway.

    I miss you T_T I’m looking forward to the server move, though only Trisk and I will be moving right away. Eclips can’t afford it and I can’t afford to pay for him as well as us two D:

  4. jowah Says:

    Fenrir ? :c
    Why all cool people are there ? D:

  5. aramina Says:

    Odin has cool peeps, too, but if I ever move, it would probably be to Fenrir.

  6. Raen Says:


    Wow, you’ve done quite a bit since I last stalked you out!

    I’ve always loved that 3rd screenshot from the cutscene – the one of the auroras above the sea. Such a hauntingly beautiful scene, me thinks…

  7. Etain Says:

    @ Jowah
    Because we’re cooler than Ragnarok. *nods emphatically*

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