Holiday madness!


Kally is still alive, do-not-panic! Its been a rather busy few weeks offgame, with my Father writing his car off (crashing it?) and me having some tooth aches. And Valentines day of course, which I hope you all had a beautiful day, as I did!

Kally and Rinion are currently nosing 10, which is good. That means we can head to the Dunes for the second time tomorrow, hopefully getting a few levels there as a WHM. Should be fun, since I was a 74 WHM before I quit a year ago. I’m hoping to get BRD sometime soon, but other issues have jumped up – although I’ll still try my damnedest to get it. I know once I have BRD, I won’t be off of FFXI!

I’m one of these terrible FFXI players who plays World of Warcraft also. (Yes, I have had people cuss me out in parties for that, and I appreciate that they are rival MMO’s, but please. I pay to play, its my life I’m wasting on Warcraft, so no icky comments about that, huh?) So a tiny Warcraft update. 26 Paladin! We’re hoping to get the two Paladin’s to 70 before the new expansion, so watch this space!


7 Responses to “Holiday madness!”

  1. Jowah Says:

    NUuuuuuuuuuu no wow talkings ; ;Those makes Jowah sad!

    Btw, a big GL for dunes. Hated it from bottom of my heart. Last time I even leveled there with no PL at all on my PLD and was……..howwible.
    Really, gl and have fun in Hell Dunes.

    Can sunbathe at least!

  2. Alinys Says:

    -cross sign at WoW-

    Just kiddin’ ;D Glad you guys are levelling up, I don’t understand why you got pushed out of parties because of another game o.O

  3. Etain Says:

    WoW is not so bad :3 (I have a 35 Draenei Priest on break atm), but I had to cancel my account because I was barely playing it in comparison to FFXI. I’m sure I’ll get bored again and start it up again soonish. XD

  4. wafuru Says:

    Hey! I noticed you added my blog to your blogroll, so I added you on mine, thanks.

    As far as WoW, I don’t see how it’s that terrible. I had a 70 Hunter and a 56 Rogue there, and I have a 75 BLM…along with other jobs…in FFXI (too much time on my hands). I simply don’t see why it’s impossible to enjoy both, or why a person would be persecuted for playing both, but there’s that.

    Good luck with everything, and I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog. 😉

  5. Alinys Says:

    Don’t know if she’ll be updating much as sadly I think she stopped playing FFXI T_T

  6. Kahlan Says:

    Only while my shifts get sorted, and while I get enough money to get my hard-drive/computer sorted. It can’t cope with much at the moment so its rather poop. :[. I can only have 1 internet window open, and such.

    Roll on new computer!

    I’m trying to get someone to work on a template for this for me, anyway – one with a bigger header and 3 columns, so I can record all my gaming progresses like WoW, FFXI and LOTR without offending anyone! 🙂


  7. Alinys Says:

    I want to help but I don’t know how~ My skillz are so limited. >.>

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