Good news!


Thats right! I finally managed to get everything in order, so now I have my own domain; I chose that simply because I have British roots, so I figured a domain would clarify that. I’m sorry the site has been a mess! Something went wrong WordPress side so I had to wait for support to open. Ick. I’ll be getting another template sorted eventually, but I need to get someone more CSS minded than myself to do it!

FFXI side, Kally got to 5WHM/2BLM. Not much, but I’ve been porking out on pancakes this weekend! Looks like Kally and Rinny will miss out on this event which is a shame; since Rinny is currently at my house with no computer at the moment. Its a shame, but Easters items look much more yummy.


One Response to “Good news!”

  1. Jowah Says:

    Hallo there, and thanks for the comment :D!
    Also graaaaaaatz for the domain. I was going to buy years ago but I decided to keep my old domain, and seeing yours is kinda strange XD

    Gonna link/stalk ya from now on, nice to meet you~~~~

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