Tunnel vision.


What, no images? Oh my!

Today was busy busy, we spent about 8 hours getting to level 15 (myself) and 16 (Rinion). Bah! It started really well when we went with a Linkshell member to Valkurm – moving onto Korroloka as the night progressed naturally. Thats when it started going bad. I don’t know whether its because they didn’t concentrate so much as the night went on, but I died around 5 times to worms. Worms! Rin was getting told off from the Healer for being in the same Linkshell it was so bad. The BLM (who I hope is really young…) didn’t know that Manafont gave you free spells. Averting near disaster, Rin told her to use it – she did and just stood there. Not quite sure where that went.

Of course, when we tried explaining we were the snotty couple who have levelled high level characters before and boss people around.



3 Responses to “Tunnel vision.”

  1. Raen Says:

    It sure took a bit of hunting to find your FFXI blog, “whiskyxsour”! Pardon me if it struck you as slightly stalkerish, but I was curious. 😀

    I can sympathize with the BLM… I rarely use Manafont, and I don’t ever recall using Manafont when I was below 20. I think it’s a stingy trait within me : “What if I need it later!?” .. Well, that and the fact I didn’t even know I hat Manafont until I was about .. level 30ish. 😀

  2. Ketski Says:

    lol xD Sounds like some bad luck you got there ;|
    What a waste of manafont >.<

  3. Rinion Says:

    I …. could … of…. KILLED HER! RARR!

    Never seen anyone so… so… yeah :< Oh well 18 tonight! {Yes, please!}

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