Attention, all adventurers!
The time has come to spill your guts to that person closest to your heart!
That’s right. Valentione’s Day cometh, kupo!

As in past years, the Mog House Management Union is planning to hold the traditional chocolate exchanging event for the enamored youth of all nations.
And it goes without saying that we’d like the help of all you intrepid adventurers out there, kupo!
Hm? You’re a young’un too, you say?
Well, in that case, couple up and get it done, kupo!


I’m really looking forward to it. Kally and Rinny’s first event on FFXI, some sentimental items and some slushy mush to go with it! Sorry, not a major update today – we managed to get the Bastok Maw! We’ll probably have a play around on the worms tomorrow, Dangel says they’re perfect for a BLM to level off of these levels. That, and/or another Dunes party – fun!

Edit: you can spy on Kally, and her impulse buying now. Yes, my Rinny is my avatar. Shh. Don’t tell him I covered him in pink hearts.


4 Responses to “Valentiones!”

  1. Ketski Says:

    Lol, its a shame that we’re not on the same server >.< 😛 I’ve been selling a lot of moat carps lately in the AH. But you should already know that xD

    Btw, what’s the Bastok Maw?

  2. Rinion Says:

    Velntiones! <3. Can’t wait :). Its gonna be fuuuuun, slushy RP too maybe? XD

  3. Rinion Says:

    er Valentiones*

  4. Alinys Says:

    Woot, my first event! <33 I can’t wait ^^

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