Into the void.


Partying in Valkurm today! Me and Rinny hit 12 (13 for him I believe) which was really good, though I admit I was a little disappointed since the party never left the ground so to speak. Oh well, we’ll hit 18 in the next few weeks hopefully (especially since our Warcraft endgame Guild disbanded due to drama!)

Although, in a fit of madness, me and Rinion decided that today would be the day we explored the expansion pack we never got to before – the latest addition to FFXI, Wings of the Goddess. Well, that turned out to be fun! First, we settled down onto level 1 jobs (THF, for Perfect Dodge). Then we ran from our home nation San d’Oria, through to Jeuno – someone did ‘offer’ help on the way, but turned out to be more trouble than he was worth, we got further without him (No, I’m not a douchebag who hates on those who help her – I just don’t appreciate a level 30 telling us it was our fault he got aggro! Bah!). Anyway, we eventually made it with me being the one who dies 3 times.

Running around Jeuno a few times, remembering old haunts and staring at the Dancers in Upper Jeuno, we actually got out to the maw. Screenshot frenzy!

/Wave!What - where am I going?

I've seen THIS movie before.

I want. SO MUCH.

We also got the Maw in Sarutabaruta, thanks to a fantastic Dragoon called Dangel who helped us through the Fort – those horrible plant things were a little liable to kill us and she took pity on the level 12/no subjob players staring in disbelief. Thank you again Dangel! Since we were close to logging for the night, Rinion came up with the bright idea of doing a few missions instead of grabbing a party for some last minute EXP. Nice reward for a level 12!


5 Responses to “Into the void.”

  1. Alinys Says:

    I wish I’d been able to party with you, but while you were showering I was running to the Dunes and got killed in the Canyon ; ; Very upsetting, I delevelled! x__x

    I’ll do my best to catch up with you though so I can come party. Otherwise it’s parties with people I don’t know .__.;

  2. Rinion Says:

    I have better screenshots than thou!

    …. well so what if I wanted to go get us killed going through to the past? it was fun! and you didn’t complain!

  3. Kahlan Says:

    It was fun :3

    Bastok later though, I wanna nuke some worms so I can get 18 and leave BLM to the side for a while! Its fun and stuff, but not my cup of tea!

  4. ketski Says:

    :O Lucky you! I don’t have any of the expansions yet! >.< I’m sorta a spazz when it comes to gaming so I’m gonna make sure I stick to FFXI before I get any of them P:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way. I know what clusters do now thanks to you. 😀

  5. rinion Says:

    Look I have an avatar – currently thinking about my sig

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