The rain in La Thiene…

Rank 2, ding ding!

Levelling Kahlan up to 8, I managed to persuade Rin to party with me since it was ever so lonely levelling by myself. He obliged by taking me to La Thiene, where everything is Tough to me. And, it rained the whole time. We had fun, none the less! For once I was glad I was a BLM, though I can’t wait till I hit 18, when I can switch to WHM. The final step towards getting BRD.

I have 910/1000 conquest points towards my EXP band as I write this, I’ll probably get it tonight which is a major plus. That means Valkurm Dunes tomorrow, after a few scroll quests (Drain and warp) which should be fun. Anyway, enough blogging for now, I have to save Rinion the mighty from bloodthirsty Orcs!


9 Responses to “The rain in La Thiene…”

  1. Rinion Says:

    Thats riiiight! Rinion the mighty! Bwahahaha -crosses arms over each other and holds his shoulders-

  2. Kahlan Says:

    Too. Much. Bleach.

    BAN. KAI.

  3. Rinion Says:

    ROFLMAO indeedy!

  4. Kahlan Says:

    You need to register and get an avatar, noobcake.

  5. Rinion Says:

    Yeah, when I can be bothered to make one… I’ll do it when I make mah sig

  6. Kahlan Says:

    Never, then? 😛

  7. Rinion Says:


  8. alinys Says:

    I really need to do some quests instead of grinding all the time xD

  9. Kahlan Says:

    Ja ja! :3.

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