Paws for thought?


After a few weeks of hopping around characters trying to find one I was comfortable with, it seems I’m settled on Mithra. I have to catch her up to Rinion (my boyfriends character) but since he’s only at level 10, its not much of a challenge. I’m level 5 at the moment of writing, so I shouldn’t be too far off by the time I’m finished. I’ll update this later, when I’ve become more accustomed to WordPress!

Please expect some broken codes/images, and some really poop looking things for a while – just while I get used to this.


6 Responses to “Paws for thought?”

  1. Kahlan Says:

    Yay for new header. :]

  2. Rinion Says:

    I like the thing! This means you can update progress for me too! Muhahaha!

  3. Kahlan Says:

    Yes, yes it does, you lazy bum. ❤

  4. Kahlan Says:

    You can still give me screen shots, though! *shakes fist.*

  5. Rinion Says:

    I will still give you screen shots, goddess!

  6. Alinys Says:

    Hai! I need one of these, was planning on it anyway. It could be my FFXI journal o: Potentially doing a general RPG one anyway.

    *much luff*

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